About us

WeTimber offers technological solutions in sustainable woods.

WeTimber is synonymous with innovation, conscientiousness, dependability, and commitment. Our prestige is based on a close collaboration with our clients, the excellence of the materials employed, and rigorous quality control.

Solutions in

In WeTimber we specialize on the production of wood solutions for exteriors that respond to our clients’ requirements.

In WeTimber we are conscious that good design paired to exceptional handcraft is crucial for the success of a project.

is natural,

Solutions in wood integrate nature to architecture. A high degree of pre-assembly shortens the time of installation and offers a quieter and cleaner process of construction. As a thermic insulator, wood is more efficient than concrete, steel, and aluminum.

Wood- its ecological

Wood absorbs the CO2 in the atmosphere and improves air quality.

Using wood in construction helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, contributing as a result to climate protection. As an alternative for building, due to its ability to accumulate carbon dioxide while fixing it to its structure, wood leaves the slightest carbon footprint.

and recyclable

Wood comes from a natural, renewable, and sustainable source: forests. It is easily recycled.

Clean & efficient

Extracting and manufacturing wood consumes less energy than producing other materials. As a raw material wood is used up in a wide variety of manufactured articles and biofuel.